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It’s all about the entertainment…

Flair Mobile Bars was created around the idea that anyone can serve a drink but its how you serve a drink, that what makes FLAIR different. Upgrade your bartenders to performance flairtenders or book us for a Fire & Flair show that will engage everybody with flawless skill and precision. Jaw dropping entertainment at its best!


“I don’t think it’s about entertainment. I think it’s about being ourselves”

As part of a formidable list of services, Flair Mobile Bars offers the talents of some of South Africa’s top flair bartenders. An increasingly rare breed in today’s mixology-focused industry, flair bartenders have the ability to enhance every guest’s experience through a seamless blend of mesmerising skill and showmanship without compromising our fundamental goals of great drinks and excellent service.

Though flair itself can be a form of great entertainment, its true value lies in providing bar patrons with a memorable and engaging experience as they perform the potentially banal task of ordering a drink.

Ask Flair Bar for our Exhibition (show) Flairtender – It is an innovative manner for adding a variety and enhancing attraction for your event. It consists of using diverse bartending techniques, spectacular tossing bottles, shakers and ice. It’s connected with pyrotechnical elements,(burning bar, bottles, cocktails) confetti and fireworks.

  • Bartending show lasts from 15 up to 20 minutes
  • To make a show we bring mobile – light up bars and all wanted accessories (bartending equipment, music, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks needed for conducting show, fruits for cocktails decoration)
  • During the show a Flair bartenders prepares exotic colourful drinks during organized show
  • Flair can host a small competition in ”tossing bottles” for audience
  • After the display, in accordance with the wish of organizer, for one hour – Flair bar will prepared drinks to all visitors

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