Five-Day International Bartending Course from R1 500 per person (Up to 57% Off)

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  • R1 500 for a Five-Day International Bartending Course for One Person (R2 500 value)
  • R2 700 for a Five-Day International Bartending Course for Two People (R3 500 value)


About the Course

Course Breakdown

  • Introduction to bartendering
  • Code of Conduct
  • Appearance
  • Attitude

Introduction to bar and equipment

  • What are things for and where are they placed
  • Strategic bar setup
  • Measuring a shot
  • Basics of how to free pour


  • Different glassware and uses
  • Handling glassware
  • Preparing a drink
  • Process you follow in pouring a drink
  • Remembering orders
  • Quickest pouring order


  • How to pour specific drinks – Beer, Champagne, Wine
  • The art of free pouring
  • How to cut and bounce
  • Pouring with the opposite hand
  • Multiple drink pouring method
  • Flair pouring; can trick


  • Client relations and interacting with client
  • Service excellence
  • Handling difficult guests
  • Responsible alcohol service

Running duties

  • Neatness
  • Stock control and low level alerts
  • Teamwork and short communication
  • Break Times
  • Tipping
  • Closing Duties
  • Leave the venue as we found it


  • Cash bars
  • Bartenders 10 Commandments


  • Correct methods of cutting garnishes
  • Salt and sugar rim
  • Garnish vs Garbage


  • Introduction to base alcohol and mixes
  • Product knowledge
  • Introduction to alcohol brands – brief history
  • How to read a recipe
  • Shooters


  • Cocktails
  • Theory

Basic Flairing Skills

  • Thumb roll
  • Stall

On completion of test you will receive a certificate of completion and will be offered part time work as a bartender at Flair.

More information:

Validity: Valid until 31 August 2016. Monday to Friday, the first and last week of every month from 17:00 to 20:00

Redemption: Reservation required: info@flairbar.co.za , 011 022 1562 or 074 416 1000. 48-hour cancellation policy applies.

Further Information: If unable to do the afternoon course there is also an optional morning course.

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